Branch and Butter is a seasonal snack club and boutique gift shop serving ice cream and pickles on Bowen Island's Marina Pier.




Late 1980s

Sometime between 1922, when Harry was born, and the mid-1980s, when his youngest son (Branch) was born, Harry and a rotating cast of old men began to gather in downtown Winnipeg where they'd eat toast and yell at eachother for just over an hour. 

Branch would sit with this strange toast club, periodically getting yelled at by its members for not eating his crusts, never thinking he'd have a toast club of his own one day.  



Branch 01

2012 ~~ 2016

Winnipeg —> Montreal —> Vancouver. In 2012, Branch launched a multidisciplinary design studio. After several years he and his partner Robin McMillan had the idea to launch a small experimental retail shop.

Enter Bowen Island. 

A funny island, a tiny shack, a particular pier next to the ferry: Branch 01 was born in the spring of 2016. Inspired by a tiny space found between two buildings, Branch and Robin opened a boutique gift store celebrating one of a kind objects created by likeminded designers and artists.



And Butter


Attached to Branch 01 by a rickety window was Shika, an irreplaceable and delicious Japanese rice bowl shop on Bowen Island. The owners of both shops became quick and close friends, and when Shika hung up its apron for the last time in 2016, Branch and Robin decided to open a seasonal ice cream and snack bar.

Launched April 2017, Branch & Butter is the culmination of both partners' experiences, childhood memories, and shared interests. An homage to Harry, pickles, toast and snacks are the food of choice, while the legendary Earnest Ice Cream is proudly scooped in the ice cream bar.

A snack before a hike, an ice cream after the beach, a special object to remember it all by, Branch & Butter is your place to discover on a perfect summer day.